You know what i…

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You know what its been a long time since i last posted:

 and ive had enuff of this shit to deal with it anymore…. am sick to death of being “that guy” the one forever in the fuckin “friendzone” ave got enuff friends i DONT NEED ANY MORE THANKS…
is it too much for some one to see past the nice guy i tend to be…

apparently fuckin so… bollox to this crap i dnt need it… taking a leaf from my hero patrick bateman  and ignoing any emotions i have and supressing them… they do nothing but fuck everything so bollox to them i no longer need shit like this… i will be better off with out…  

so long saddness.. adios  empathy u will not be missed…..


Let The Right One In Review

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Ok this is gonna be a long one.

I recently got accepted to Newcastle college to do a media production course (YAY) and for a quick assignment we were asked to do a review of the 2008 Let the right one in.

And here it is….

Let The Right One in (“Låt den rätte komma in” to give the film it’s original Swedish name) directed by Tomas Alfredson, released in 2008 is a curious coming of age horror thriller set in the early 80’s in a sub-urban area called Blackeberg just outside of Stockholm in Sweden.
The film was adapted from a novel of the same title written by John Adjive Lindqvist who also penned the script for the film, this I believe helped the film in a lot of ways as Lindqvist could keep the film as true to the book as possible and therefore satisfy fans of the novel and also give those who hadn’t read the book a chance to see the characters in more depth that he had created.
The film follows the life of Oskar played by Kåre Hedebrant , a lonely, shy and reclusive young boy who is tortured daily either at school by the sadistic class bully Conny (Patrik Rydmark) or at home where he is used as an emotional vent by his divorced and equally lonely mother Yvonne (Karin Bergquist) From the outset of the film we only ever see Oskar alone, the only time he is seen with other people is in very short periods of time, however he appears used to this and shows no signs of wanting or needing friends. Oskar only seems to seek vengeance on those who have hurt him (which seems to be everyone he has encountered) with in the 1st few scene’s we see that Oskar often carries a small knife with him inside a secret pocket in his coat which he uses in his vengeful fantasies of stabbing and hurting others, this could also show the only way Oskar is able to feel in control and empowered as he is unwilling to stand up to those who tease and abuse him in person.
However Oskars’ life is changed when he is bewitched by an evenly weird and reclusive girl called Eli who has just moved in next door with her “father”.
Eli played by Lina Leandersson appears to be nothing more than just another strange addition to the housing complex where both her and Oskar live.
However after Eli’s “father” Håkan, having killed a man fails to return with a bucket of the mans blood – after being scared off by one nosey poodle and some late night walkers – we learn that there is a lot more to Eli than meets the eye as she hides in the shadows of a underground pass and lures one of her new neighbours towards her before she suck him dry of all blood in his body.
Eli isn’t your normal pre-teen vamp however as she seems to try and quell her vampiric needs for as long as possible inbetween meals although by doing this it causes her body to begin to fall apart, nevertheless after devouring a healthy dose of haemoglobin it really amplifies how animalistic her vampiric personality can be changing her from a fresh healthy young girl to a gaunt, dishevelled rotting corpse.

Both Hedebrant and Leandersson despite being both fairly young deliver and very strong and mature performance that many actors their age and older would struggle to put across in a film like this.
The cinematography by Hoyte van Hoytem really helps the audience get a strong sense of understanding to the emotion’s portrayed by the two central characters, a lot of the time when we see Oskar its very common for a wide shot or long shot to be used to show the audience the lack of human life surrounding the boy giving it a strong sense of loneliness this is also shown many times when we see Eli on her own outside too, this also helps the viewer draw a connection with the two characters and see how they strongly they reflect each others personalities.
The theme of suffering is also something portrayed very well through the cinematography, this is shown many times when Eli is most hungry and we are shown close ups of her eyes and face contorting with hunger pains and when Oskar is being bullied or attacked by Conny where we get a medium close up of Oskars face scrunching his face in pain.
There is also a strong sense of confinement throughout the film but the strongest is given by the use of the housing complex and Oskars’ mothers’ determination for him to not leave the courtyard, apart from when Oskar is at school he is rarely shown outside the complex even in the scene’s not involving either Oskar or Eli confinement seems to play a large part in the feel of the film. During the scene when Håkan is collecting blood for Eli he is surrounded by woodland and a strong ink black darkness which gives connotations of a lack of escape and that this is the life these characters are forced to live.
One thing i believe helps this film stand out among all other horror films was its use of sound.
The use of sound in this film is unlike anything heard in any movie the sound team lead by sound-designer; Per Sundström used as much natural sound as possible including character heart beats, licking of their lips, swallowing and breathing and enhanced it during post production this added to the general lack of a soundtrack creates a very disturbing sound to the film and during the 2008 Swedish Guldbagge film awards the team was awarded Best Achievement for the films “nightmarishly great sound” []
To me this film is a remarkable return to good classic horror films, the gore used in it was not overdone or used in the gallons, it didn’t rely on petty jump’s or scare tactics to unnerve the viewer but took a generally good horror story adapted it to fit the screen and used the true acting talent of all actors involved mixed it with superb sounds and visual effects and came out with a actual good original horror film which is a very rare thing nowadays

Yer its a great film if u havnt seen it i would DEFF recommend. so apart from that not much else been going on cept i had my hair cut… hopefully once my course started properly i’ll have fun things to talk about 🙂



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!!!HOLY SH*T!!! its been like a month since my last post :O

any whoooooo im going to talk about what everyone else is talking about right now. All this shizz kicking off in loonydon.

I’m not 100% sure about wtf is happening due to the fact i tend not to watch the news but as far as i can gather there was a peacefull protest over the shooting of a guy in Tottenham by the police, i’m not sure why this happened whether he was armed or not i dont no but for what ever reason the police deemed him dangerous and shot him and killed him.

Then during the peaceful protest that his family and friends were performing, apparently its was sort of hijacked by anarchists and opportunists who decided (as they ALWAYS do!!) that it would be fun to turn a peaceful protest into a full blown riot by attacking police officers, police dogs and horses while smashing and burning everything the come across.

So far these cowards and sociopaths have broke into jewelers, bookies, electrical shops, conveiniance stores, they even broke into a Boots FFS and stole pretty much everything they could get their thieving hands on.

They have caused probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds worth of damage to shops, private property and cars.
A REALLY old shop in croydon has been burnt to the ground im not sure how old it was but it was built some time in the 1800’s and even had the road next to it named after this family business which also caused surrounding flats to catch on fire too and left 6 familes homeless.

All this is being caused not by adults but mainly by young kids and teenagers!! all of which clearly do not give a sh*t about their own community or society which really makes me worry about the future of the country and its finacial situation as i know for a fact ALL these scumholes are ALL going to be demanding benefits of the government and society they are currently destroying, with no aspirations except how to scrounge more money off people who actualy want to make something of them self.

What makes things worse is the family of the man who was shot have came out and openly expressed there disgust with the violence that has been happening saying this violence and anrachy has nothing to do with the original issue that started the PEACEFUL protest and that this is a large group of thugs taking advantage.

Alot of people have blamed the police for the mass eruption of violence and saying they were taking to long to respond to incidents however i dont feel the police are responsible for anything the fact of the matter is because of all the cut back the Met police DONT have the numbers to deal with such a large scale riot scattered so sporadically through the capital and the fact that only 3000 are trained to deal with riots… 3000 police officers for a city the size of london with random riots happening all over the place is DEFFINATLY not enough.

I’ve also just heard that the violance isn’t just contained to loonydon anymore its spread to birmingham and liverpool just as long as it dont spread any further north hopefully shall be contained shortly.




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Today has been a pretty cool day for a change 🙂

Despite only having 5 hours sleep, due to listening to a a SWEET cover of Love shack by Acid drinkers (Youtube link here) and also watching a pretty good film called Fanboys  about a bunch of Star Wars fans who drive across america to break into George Lucas’s ranch in texas to get  a print of  Episode 1 (the film is set in 1998 so it hadnt been released by then so they had no idea how shit the film would be)

As i said its a good movie  but you probably wont enjoy it unless your a geek like me otherwise the references and quotes will probably just pass you by.
Another reason i enjoyed this was the amount of guest appearances in it despite by a very low budget film who where clearly in it simply because they’re big geeks them selves 😛
Its got :
Seth rogen
Danny Mcbride
Kevin Smith
Jason Mewes
Carrie Fisher (ofcourse)
WILLIAM SHATNER (probs because he couldnt get any other work..)
and Danny Trejo, not someone i’d imagine as being much of a starwars geek but he’s in it anyways 🙂

Its not a in depth movie but makes for good light hearted entertainment and is something i know i could watch with friends and have a laugh 🙂

But yeah despite watching that until 5:30 in the morning i still managed to drag my ass out of bed in time to go meet friends to go to the gym and torture myself for roughly 2 hours YIPPY HORRAY!!! ( 😦 ) then i decided  i wanted to look for a new pair of jeans and ended up in the most pretentious shop ever….Hollister…. which i found was full of the same three tops and ALL the jeans where the same and all cost like FAR to much so no new jeans for me today  😦
However i did meet quite old friends at the pub for Petrie’s 21st it was like i had stepped back to 2006/7 and i was back at college so i had a great time seeing those guys.

HOWEVER it was then time for me to see the new Transformers movie and OMMMMGGGGG it is unreal i dont think i’ve ever had a bigger nerdgasm EVER the action in this movie  is really cool, alot of slow motion is used which i found pretty good because inthe past 2 movies when ever there has been a big fight scene between the autobots and decepticons i always kind of found it hard to see what was actually happening, one thing that does annoy me though is the lack of explanation as to what actually happened to Megan fox’s character ( who was kicked from this film for bad mouthing the production team or something  ) it’s breifly mentioned in like a 30 second convo between Sam and his mum near the middle but thats it, all we know is Megan fox has been replaced by a british lingerie model who despite being very attractive CAN NOT act…i mean at ALL it was just awful but i’ll let her off because she does fill the role of the pretty girl who always needs help especially when a massive worm like robot decides to hug a skyscraper to hard.

My favorite thing about the new Transformers isn’t the fantastic SFX (looks even better in 3D), or the action or the pretty woman  its the fact that the Sentinel Prime is voiced by the one and only Leonard Nemoy… thats right SPOCK is now a giant space robot 😀 😀
and the thing that gave me the biggest nerdgasm happens roughly half way / three quarters of the way through the film when he actualy comes out with “When will optimus learn, The needs of the many out way the needs of the few”  SPOCKS LAST WORDS TO KIRK IN STAR TREK II: WRATH OF KHAN!!!!  (that children is called intertextuality 😛 )

So thats been my day….gym, drinking, friends, robots, spock and now im chilling out at 3am listening to Led Zeppelin

Tomorrow will be a day of rock n roll as i have a jam session with ross and nick (and possibly joni) which shall be good with it being our 1st one for about 6 months 😀 will probably write about that tomorrow if i can be bothered



Stateside Folk

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I know its been a while since my last update but life hasn’t been interesting enough for me to write about BUT today has been pretty friggen  sweet 🙂

I WAS meant to be going to the gym 1st thing this morning BUT due to me not sleeping well i was FAR too tired and decided to sleep in and be lazy instead of torturing myself for 2 hours.
Then i was onto the interwebbicles and during my travels of looking at various bit of musical equipment i decided to look for a new bass of which i found many this then lead me to look into other stringed instruments that have tickled my fancy most predominantly a banjo (because i’m sooo white trash)
In the past i’ve looked around in search of a banjo but have only untill recently found ones which border the £200 mark which to me is far too much because of this i had kind of gave up looking for one but today decided to give it one more go and low and behold i found one…. a harleybenton hbj 25   😀

                                                                                                            Isn’t it pretty 🙂

Its soooooooooooo nice it has a full enclosed back so it doesnt look shit like most cheap banjos do PLUS its cheap as hell


so i’m hoping within a few weeks this pretty girl shall be all mine 🙂

But yeah that aint all thats happened to me today i’ve also had a very good day with emma 🙂

We started our day out at stateside ( one of THE best 1950’s style american dinners EVER ) we had milkshakes and lush food and chatted while listening to a awesome band called The Baseballs who do 50’s style covers of new songs (usually make them sound better than the originals…) then we were going to head to a free jazz thing at a bar called The Tyne Bar but however after not being able to find it we ended up in The Cluny  pub instead sipping cider and chilling to the beastie boys and piano lounge music 🙂

after a few hours it was onto The Cumberland Arms (yet another pub) where they where holding a open mic night after arriving and playing with the cat that seems to live there or something for a little while we decided to take a couple of photos 🙂

                                                                                        here’s one of me looking cool….lol

Once we were done with the pictures we went in to watch the performances and discovered we were the youngest ones there by at least 20 years…. however that deffinatly did NOT spoil anything  as they seemed to be more drunk and crazy then we were, as soon as we sat down the guy running it asked if we wanted to perform then after we said no told us to come see him if the music moved us to change our minds.
The music which was all folk and blues, was really good each performance was very entertaining however one group was better than the rest for me, they were a bluegrass folk band called The Stragglers who did a VERY good cover of Midnight train to Memphis by The Steeldrivers.

After watching a few more performances including one by a woman who had a very good voice but looked insane and sang the most depressing songs imaginable , it was time to leave and got the bus home.
With it being late the bus we got wouldn’t take emma straight home and she would have to walk through a pretty rough area of the west end which i didn’t like the idea of so me being the gentleman that i am stayed on the bus with her and walked her home and once she was safely inside jogged my ass home for fear of being stabbed or raped…but nothing happened so its all good 😀

Yeah its been a really fun day for me and very much enjoyed myself
Thanks to Emma for telling me about all these awesome things that are going on hope they keep coming 🙂

Bed time now as its now 2:30am and i have work AGAIN tomorrow ( god i hate my shifts )



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Jonni (who’s finaly home 😀 ) pointed out  its been over a week since my last post so i though it was just about time that i did an update.

its been a good week as well 🙂 since my last post i mainly hung out with friends alot and bought some camping gear in preparation for Download fest and by that i mean i bought a tent and booze 🙂

but yeah i went off to Download fest for my 4th year in a row this time it was just Me, Melly and Tom as Joni had to go to his uncles wedding to play best man and ross is still stuck at uni (as far as i’m aware) it was strange neither one of them being there but it was still really amazing.
We left Newcastle train station at 12:30 and shortly discovered the speakers i had brought with me to listen to music on the way to Donnington had broke so we decided to just start drinking instead 🙂 a few cans later and about an hour and a half  later we reach Sheffeild and quickly hurried off to try and find the next train we had to catch, once we were on the train to Donnington we met a scottish couple who had been coming to this fest since it was monsters of rock and had a good natter to them about various different bands for the remainder of the journey.
We decided to get off a stop early as it meant a shorter bus journey into the festival which was worth it as the bus was unbearably busy plus with as many cans of cider down our necks most bladders were on bursting point.
So we finally got in to the festival and got our wrist bands (which are sooo much better than the shitty ones we got last year) and we hunted for a decent place to pitch our tents which we stupidly decided was in the only area populated by nettles

So here we are trying to stomp as much grass and nettles down as we can.

Once we had as much grass down as we could be bothered to stomp down we got our tents up ( I did mine quicker than melly and tom despite having the same size tent 😛 ) and went out for the night.

 That is most of us the 1st night starting from left Roz, Me (please forgive the hat i was drunk), Steph, Tom, Melly and Katy is taking the pic.
During that 1st night however disaster struck me as my wallet containing all my money, debit cards, ID and also train tickets was stolen 😦 after a fit a saddness/utter rage and attacking the solid wooden fence of the dogems resulting in very damaged knuckles i went off to the lost and found with roz to try and and see if it had been handed in but low and behold it had and wasnt all weekend.
Luckily for me though my dad had been on his way to a weekend with the T.A and was passing through and very kindly stopped by the fest on the friday morn and gave me some cash to live off for the week end 🙂

Then on the friday it was time for the music.
We saw CKY, Puddle of mudd (who were alot better than i expected) then it was Duff McKagan Loaded who are one of my favorite bands so i got to as close to the front as i could for these guys and had a AWESOME time seeing them.
  Then it was black stone cherry another band i love who played amazingly 🙂 then it was Thin Lizzy who i was slightly disappointed by, Alter Bridge, The Darkness, Korn and finaly Pendulum who played the most visualy amazing show i have ever seen.
Their entire stage was filled 3d TVs playing cool images plus loads of lasers and strobe 😀

The 2nd day started with Skindred a cool reggae rock band, followed by Hollywood Undead a Rap rock band  then had to go back to the tent to pick up tom’s rain poncho as it had started to drip a little but got back in time to watch Avenged sevenfold who dispite me not likimh their music to much were pretty good, then finaly it was time for System Of A Down a band i liked since i was 14 and finally got to see perfom live plus the fact me melly and tom were all quite drunk made it even better. Watch a vid of them performing Chop Suey  HERE  you can hear me and tom screaming the lyrics in the back 😛

The last day it was pretty much torrential rain all day plus gale force winds so we decided a day in the tent with alot of booze that we had accumulated would serve us better which it did VERY much so. us all getting very drunk and tom getting more drunk than he’s ever been.

Then it was time for us to pack up our shit and leave which luckily didn’t take to long and before i knew it, it was all over for another year but monday was also my 21st birthday so i had something to look forward to for when i got home, and it turned out to be a new PC 😀 which means i can now get my nerdyness back as i can now install all my games and everything again 😀 😀

Today was fun to i built a desk i bought from argos for my comp and hung out with my number one fan emma who was kind enuff to buy me a brand new Jack Daniels zippo lighter get me an awesome card AND give me a birthday cupcake(FTW) so been a good day all in all but tomorrow its back to work starting at 7:30am 😦

so i have to be up in about 5 hours so i should really leave it here if i forgot anything i’ll add it onto tomorrows blog 🙂



Girl Interrupted reveiw

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My day have consisted of migraine’s, working, and watching a very long but very awesome film

Since I don’t want bitch and moan about my headaches and how shit work is i’m going to talk about the film 🙂

Said film is the marvelous Girl Interrupted as recommended by my number one fan 😉

Starring Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Brittany Murphey, Whoopi Goldberg and many others including a personal plus for me playing just a small part Jared Leto.
The film set during the 1960’s is about a young woman Susanna Kayson (Ryder) who is commited to a mental institution with borderline personality disorder on orders of a family doctor.

after getting to the hospital she meet many of the patients and staff including one of the nurses Valerie (Goldberg) and develops a close friendship with them and begins her life inside the Claymoore mental institution.

That then all changes when the police drop off Lisa Rowe (Jolie) a sociopath who delights in her issues and diagnoses, who isn’t afraid to say what she thinks and enjoy’s the reaction she also seem to enjoy causing others suffering in anyway possible.
When Susanna starts to grow increasingly close to Lisa thats when things start going bad, with Susanna stopping her medication and then break out of Claymoore.

The whole film is a very powerful and emotional roller coaster with instability of moods of Susanna we really get a feeling of the disorder that she is suffering from with the movie being incredibly positive and showing the bond between the girls to very dark the next detailing the suicide of a former patient.

The acting in this film from both central characters is AMAZING with Angelina Jolie winning an oscar for best supporting actress in 2000, Winona Ryder had been nominated as best leading actress but didn’t win, even though her acting is incredible pulling off the character of Susanna to the HIGHEST quality.

The film is also based on a true story and the book written about the real Susanna Kayson during her time in Claymoore institute.

Incredible acting, Incredible movie and a very gripping story

Think i’ll read the book

A must see, i would  definatly  recommend it if you haven’t seen it

So yeah thats what i think of Girl Interrupted if you read this and do watch it…enjoy. If you don’t like it there’s something wrong with you and need help.

Thanks for reading