Jonni (who’s finaly home 😀 ) pointed out  its been over a week since my last post so i though it was just about time that i did an update.

its been a good week as well 🙂 since my last post i mainly hung out with friends alot and bought some camping gear in preparation for Download fest and by that i mean i bought a tent and booze 🙂

but yeah i went off to Download fest for my 4th year in a row this time it was just Me, Melly and Tom as Joni had to go to his uncles wedding to play best man and ross is still stuck at uni (as far as i’m aware) it was strange neither one of them being there but it was still really amazing.
We left Newcastle train station at 12:30 and shortly discovered the speakers i had brought with me to listen to music on the way to Donnington had broke so we decided to just start drinking instead 🙂 a few cans later and about an hour and a half  later we reach Sheffeild and quickly hurried off to try and find the next train we had to catch, once we were on the train to Donnington we met a scottish couple who had been coming to this fest since it was monsters of rock and had a good natter to them about various different bands for the remainder of the journey.
We decided to get off a stop early as it meant a shorter bus journey into the festival which was worth it as the bus was unbearably busy plus with as many cans of cider down our necks most bladders were on bursting point.
So we finally got in to the festival and got our wrist bands (which are sooo much better than the shitty ones we got last year) and we hunted for a decent place to pitch our tents which we stupidly decided was in the only area populated by nettles

So here we are trying to stomp as much grass and nettles down as we can.

Once we had as much grass down as we could be bothered to stomp down we got our tents up ( I did mine quicker than melly and tom despite having the same size tent 😛 ) and went out for the night.

 That is most of us the 1st night starting from left Roz, Me (please forgive the hat i was drunk), Steph, Tom, Melly and Katy is taking the pic.
During that 1st night however disaster struck me as my wallet containing all my money, debit cards, ID and also train tickets was stolen 😦 after a fit a saddness/utter rage and attacking the solid wooden fence of the dogems resulting in very damaged knuckles i went off to the lost and found with roz to try and and see if it had been handed in but low and behold it had and wasnt all weekend.
Luckily for me though my dad had been on his way to a weekend with the T.A and was passing through and very kindly stopped by the fest on the friday morn and gave me some cash to live off for the week end 🙂

Then on the friday it was time for the music.
We saw CKY, Puddle of mudd (who were alot better than i expected) then it was Duff McKagan Loaded who are one of my favorite bands so i got to as close to the front as i could for these guys and had a AWESOME time seeing them.
  Then it was black stone cherry another band i love who played amazingly 🙂 then it was Thin Lizzy who i was slightly disappointed by, Alter Bridge, The Darkness, Korn and finaly Pendulum who played the most visualy amazing show i have ever seen.
Their entire stage was filled 3d TVs playing cool images plus loads of lasers and strobe 😀

The 2nd day started with Skindred a cool reggae rock band, followed by Hollywood Undead a Rap rock band  then had to go back to the tent to pick up tom’s rain poncho as it had started to drip a little but got back in time to watch Avenged sevenfold who dispite me not likimh their music to much were pretty good, then finaly it was time for System Of A Down a band i liked since i was 14 and finally got to see perfom live plus the fact me melly and tom were all quite drunk made it even better. Watch a vid of them performing Chop Suey  HERE  you can hear me and tom screaming the lyrics in the back 😛

The last day it was pretty much torrential rain all day plus gale force winds so we decided a day in the tent with alot of booze that we had accumulated would serve us better which it did VERY much so. us all getting very drunk and tom getting more drunk than he’s ever been.

Then it was time for us to pack up our shit and leave which luckily didn’t take to long and before i knew it, it was all over for another year but monday was also my 21st birthday so i had something to look forward to for when i got home, and it turned out to be a new PC 😀 which means i can now get my nerdyness back as i can now install all my games and everything again 😀 😀

Today was fun to i built a desk i bought from argos for my comp and hung out with my number one fan emma who was kind enuff to buy me a brand new Jack Daniels zippo lighter get me an awesome card AND give me a birthday cupcake(FTW) so been a good day all in all but tomorrow its back to work starting at 7:30am 😦

so i have to be up in about 5 hours so i should really leave it here if i forgot anything i’ll add it onto tomorrows blog 🙂




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