Girl Interrupted reveiw

My day have consisted of migraine’s, working, and watching a very long but very awesome film

Since I don’t want bitch and moan about my headaches and how shit work is i’m going to talk about the film 🙂

Said film is the marvelous Girl Interrupted as recommended by my number one fan 😉

Starring Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Brittany Murphey, Whoopi Goldberg and many others including a personal plus for me playing just a small part Jared Leto.
The film set during the 1960’s is about a young woman Susanna Kayson (Ryder) who is commited to a mental institution with borderline personality disorder on orders of a family doctor.

after getting to the hospital she meet many of the patients and staff including one of the nurses Valerie (Goldberg) and develops a close friendship with them and begins her life inside the Claymoore mental institution.

That then all changes when the police drop off Lisa Rowe (Jolie) a sociopath who delights in her issues and diagnoses, who isn’t afraid to say what she thinks and enjoy’s the reaction she also seem to enjoy causing others suffering in anyway possible.
When Susanna starts to grow increasingly close to Lisa thats when things start going bad, with Susanna stopping her medication and then break out of Claymoore.

The whole film is a very powerful and emotional roller coaster with instability of moods of Susanna we really get a feeling of the disorder that she is suffering from with the movie being incredibly positive and showing the bond between the girls to very dark the next detailing the suicide of a former patient.

The acting in this film from both central characters is AMAZING with Angelina Jolie winning an oscar for best supporting actress in 2000, Winona Ryder had been nominated as best leading actress but didn’t win, even though her acting is incredible pulling off the character of Susanna to the HIGHEST quality.

The film is also based on a true story and the book written about the real Susanna Kayson during her time in Claymoore institute.

Incredible acting, Incredible movie and a very gripping story

Think i’ll read the book

A must see, i would  definatly  recommend it if you haven’t seen it

So yeah thats what i think of Girl Interrupted if you read this and do watch it…enjoy. If you don’t like it there’s something wrong with you and need help.

Thanks for reading



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