Today has been a pretty cool day for a change 🙂

Despite only having 5 hours sleep, due to listening to a a SWEET cover of Love shack by Acid drinkers (Youtube link here) and also watching a pretty good film called Fanboys  about a bunch of Star Wars fans who drive across america to break into George Lucas’s ranch in texas to get  a print of  Episode 1 (the film is set in 1998 so it hadnt been released by then so they had no idea how shit the film would be)

As i said its a good movie  but you probably wont enjoy it unless your a geek like me otherwise the references and quotes will probably just pass you by.
Another reason i enjoyed this was the amount of guest appearances in it despite by a very low budget film who where clearly in it simply because they’re big geeks them selves 😛
Its got :
Seth rogen
Danny Mcbride
Kevin Smith
Jason Mewes
Carrie Fisher (ofcourse)
WILLIAM SHATNER (probs because he couldnt get any other work..)
and Danny Trejo, not someone i’d imagine as being much of a starwars geek but he’s in it anyways 🙂

Its not a in depth movie but makes for good light hearted entertainment and is something i know i could watch with friends and have a laugh 🙂

But yeah despite watching that until 5:30 in the morning i still managed to drag my ass out of bed in time to go meet friends to go to the gym and torture myself for roughly 2 hours YIPPY HORRAY!!! ( 😦 ) then i decided  i wanted to look for a new pair of jeans and ended up in the most pretentious shop ever….Hollister…. which i found was full of the same three tops and ALL the jeans where the same and all cost like FAR to much so no new jeans for me today  😦
However i did meet quite old friends at the pub for Petrie’s 21st it was like i had stepped back to 2006/7 and i was back at college so i had a great time seeing those guys.

HOWEVER it was then time for me to see the new Transformers movie and OMMMMGGGGG it is unreal i dont think i’ve ever had a bigger nerdgasm EVER the action in this movie  is really cool, alot of slow motion is used which i found pretty good because inthe past 2 movies when ever there has been a big fight scene between the autobots and decepticons i always kind of found it hard to see what was actually happening, one thing that does annoy me though is the lack of explanation as to what actually happened to Megan fox’s character ( who was kicked from this film for bad mouthing the production team or something  ) it’s breifly mentioned in like a 30 second convo between Sam and his mum near the middle but thats it, all we know is Megan fox has been replaced by a british lingerie model who despite being very attractive CAN NOT act…i mean at ALL it was just awful but i’ll let her off because she does fill the role of the pretty girl who always needs help especially when a massive worm like robot decides to hug a skyscraper to hard.

My favorite thing about the new Transformers isn’t the fantastic SFX (looks even better in 3D), or the action or the pretty woman  its the fact that the Sentinel Prime is voiced by the one and only Leonard Nemoy… thats right SPOCK is now a giant space robot 😀 😀
and the thing that gave me the biggest nerdgasm happens roughly half way / three quarters of the way through the film when he actualy comes out with “When will optimus learn, The needs of the many out way the needs of the few”  SPOCKS LAST WORDS TO KIRK IN STAR TREK II: WRATH OF KHAN!!!!  (that children is called intertextuality 😛 )

So thats been my day….gym, drinking, friends, robots, spock and now im chilling out at 3am listening to Led Zeppelin

Tomorrow will be a day of rock n roll as i have a jam session with ross and nick (and possibly joni) which shall be good with it being our 1st one for about 6 months 😀 will probably write about that tomorrow if i can be bothered




~ by jayveesmirf on July 10, 2011.

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