Stateside Folk

I know its been a while since my last update but life hasn’t been interesting enough for me to write about BUT today has been pretty friggen  sweet 🙂

I WAS meant to be going to the gym 1st thing this morning BUT due to me not sleeping well i was FAR too tired and decided to sleep in and be lazy instead of torturing myself for 2 hours.
Then i was onto the interwebbicles and during my travels of looking at various bit of musical equipment i decided to look for a new bass of which i found many this then lead me to look into other stringed instruments that have tickled my fancy most predominantly a banjo (because i’m sooo white trash)
In the past i’ve looked around in search of a banjo but have only untill recently found ones which border the £200 mark which to me is far too much because of this i had kind of gave up looking for one but today decided to give it one more go and low and behold i found one…. a harleybenton hbj 25   😀

                                                                                                            Isn’t it pretty 🙂

Its soooooooooooo nice it has a full enclosed back so it doesnt look shit like most cheap banjos do PLUS its cheap as hell


so i’m hoping within a few weeks this pretty girl shall be all mine 🙂

But yeah that aint all thats happened to me today i’ve also had a very good day with emma 🙂

We started our day out at stateside ( one of THE best 1950’s style american dinners EVER ) we had milkshakes and lush food and chatted while listening to a awesome band called The Baseballs who do 50’s style covers of new songs (usually make them sound better than the originals…) then we were going to head to a free jazz thing at a bar called The Tyne Bar but however after not being able to find it we ended up in The Cluny  pub instead sipping cider and chilling to the beastie boys and piano lounge music 🙂

after a few hours it was onto The Cumberland Arms (yet another pub) where they where holding a open mic night after arriving and playing with the cat that seems to live there or something for a little while we decided to take a couple of photos 🙂

                                                                                        here’s one of me looking cool….lol

Once we were done with the pictures we went in to watch the performances and discovered we were the youngest ones there by at least 20 years…. however that deffinatly did NOT spoil anything  as they seemed to be more drunk and crazy then we were, as soon as we sat down the guy running it asked if we wanted to perform then after we said no told us to come see him if the music moved us to change our minds.
The music which was all folk and blues, was really good each performance was very entertaining however one group was better than the rest for me, they were a bluegrass folk band called The Stragglers who did a VERY good cover of Midnight train to Memphis by The Steeldrivers.

After watching a few more performances including one by a woman who had a very good voice but looked insane and sang the most depressing songs imaginable , it was time to leave and got the bus home.
With it being late the bus we got wouldn’t take emma straight home and she would have to walk through a pretty rough area of the west end which i didn’t like the idea of so me being the gentleman that i am stayed on the bus with her and walked her home and once she was safely inside jogged my ass home for fear of being stabbed or raped…but nothing happened so its all good 😀

Yeah its been a really fun day for me and very much enjoyed myself
Thanks to Emma for telling me about all these awesome things that are going on hope they keep coming 🙂

Bed time now as its now 2:30am and i have work AGAIN tomorrow ( god i hate my shifts )



~ by jayveesmirf on July 4, 2011.

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