!!!HOLY SH*T!!! its been like a month since my last post :O

any whoooooo im going to talk about what everyone else is talking about right now. All this shizz kicking off in loonydon.

I’m not 100% sure about wtf is happening due to the fact i tend not to watch the news but as far as i can gather there was a peacefull protest over the shooting of a guy in Tottenham by the police, i’m not sure why this happened whether he was armed or not i dont no but for what ever reason the police deemed him dangerous and shot him and killed him.

Then during the peaceful protest that his family and friends were performing, apparently its was sort of hijacked by anarchists and opportunists who decided (as they ALWAYS do!!) that it would be fun to turn a peaceful protest into a full blown riot by attacking police officers, police dogs and horses while smashing and burning everything the come across.

So far these cowards and sociopaths have broke into jewelers, bookies, electrical shops, conveiniance stores, they even broke into a Boots FFS and stole pretty much everything they could get their thieving hands on.

They have caused probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds worth of damage to shops, private property and cars.
A REALLY old shop in croydon has been burnt to the ground im not sure how old it was but it was built some time in the 1800’s and even had the road next to it named after this family business which also caused surrounding flats to catch on fire too and left 6 familes homeless.

All this is being caused not by adults but mainly by young kids and teenagers!! all of which clearly do not give a sh*t about their own community or society which really makes me worry about the future of the country and its finacial situation as i know for a fact ALL these scumholes are ALL going to be demanding benefits of the government and society they are currently destroying, with no aspirations except how to scrounge more money off people who actualy want to make something of them self.

What makes things worse is the family of the man who was shot have came out and openly expressed there disgust with the violence that has been happening saying this violence and anrachy has nothing to do with the original issue that started the PEACEFUL protest and that this is a large group of thugs taking advantage.

Alot of people have blamed the police for the mass eruption of violence and saying they were taking to long to respond to incidents however i dont feel the police are responsible for anything the fact of the matter is because of all the cut back the Met police DONT have the numbers to deal with such a large scale riot scattered so sporadically through the capital and the fact that only 3000 are trained to deal with riots… 3000 police officers for a city the size of london with random riots happening all over the place is DEFFINATLY not enough.

I’ve also just heard that the violance isn’t just contained to loonydon anymore its spread to birmingham and liverpool just as long as it dont spread any further north hopefully shall be contained shortly.




~ by jayveesmirf on August 9, 2011.

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